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El Programa de alfabetización de adultos del condado de Johnson es una organización sin fines de lucro que presta servicios en el condado de Johnson, Missouri y las comunidades circundantes en la alfabetización básica de adultos.


La misión de JCALP es ayudar a los adultos que viven en el condado de Johnson y las comunidades circundantes a desarrollar habilidades básicas de lectura, habla, escritura y computación para mejorar su capacidad de lidiar con la sociedad moderna y obtener un nivel de vida más alto.

Para obtener más información sobre el programa, inscribirse o ser voluntario, seleccione el enlace correspondiente arriba.


        The program helps. It's a good program that makes us feel better about learning English."


— L.C. ESL, Chinese student

       (Student) has been in this program a long time. He enjoys his tutors very much. They have been patient and have taken the time to figure out his strengths and weaknesses. This program is a benefit to our community."


     The program is helping me. I have one more session left before I take the HSE. Then I want to go on and sign up for the CNA course."


— R, HSE Prep student

   I learn something new every time in this English conversation class and it helps me a lot to live here.


— Y, English Cafe student

— K, mother of JCALP student learner

Students Share About Tutoring

"It's good!  It is helping me build new skills and improve ones I already had."

"Tutoring is very good!  My tutor is excellent!"

"My English is better now!"

"My tutor is wonderful and faithful in being there each time.  I think highly of my tutor who has a great attitude and patience.  I appreciate my tutor."

"It gives us pleasure to see people like our tutor interacting with another language.  It is pleasant.  I makes it easier for us to communicate with the people around us.  I like that our tutor is patient, fun, very nice, and above all, that she has the delicacy and kindness to be able to share the knowledge with people like us who do not know the English language.  So my son and I are very grateful for being taught and sharing those teaching moments with us.  Thank you."

Check out the latest issue of the JCALP Newsletter!

Inside, you can find updates about our tutors, learners, and volunteers. Learn about what JCALP is doing for our community, and how our community is helping JCALP.

HERE to see the entire issue.


The JCALP Newsletter

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