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Each One, Teach One." Frank Laubach
LEARN TO READ and  WRITE, improve skills in BASIC MATH, learn basic computer use skills, and improve English as a Second Language skills.

JCALP offers free, trained tutors in confidential settings. We will work with adult learners at any skill level to help them reach their literacy goals.



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HiSET /GED Test Prep /State Fair Community College Tutoring

HiSet & GED Classes Information 

Near Johnson County, Missouri

I receive many phone calls from people wanting to begin HiSet or GED classes.

JCALP is a Tutoring Program for adults who are attending these classes.

 There are now three places where adults can take the classes near Johnson County, Missouri.


State Fair Community College - Adult Education & Literacy has HiSet classes on Mondays and Thursdays at the UCM James Kirkpatrick Library in Warrensburg, Students can sign up for classes in July 2024. The Teacher is Cheryl Carpenter 660-281-6926.  Call find out the dates to sign up.

Sedalia- Mary Wright- AEL office -660-596-7289 -


State Fair Community College also offers which is an online class. 


 Job Corps offers GED Classes.  Students who are 16-24 may sign up to attend classes residential  schools in Excelsior Springs, Boulevard, or Puxico, Missouri.


Missouri Valley Community Action MVCCA Family Resource Center offers GED classes for people who meet the qualifications.  MVCCA is located at 120 Hout St, Warrensburg, MO.  660-747-2245


GED/Hiset Tutor

Johnson County Adult Literacy Program- sign up for a tutor while you attend HiSet or GED classes.  660-429-5442


UCM Testing Services-HiSet

Standardized Tests- HiSet - Contact the Testing Services for the dates of the test when ready.

• Writing skills

• Grammar

• Vocabulary

• Critical Reading


Our basic literacy program contains reading and writing, using the Laubach Way to Reading series. Students begin writing letters, words, phrase, and progress to sentences and paragraphs at their own rate of learning.  Once our students are able to complete the Laubach set of books, we offer a more comprehensive program called Challenger that continues with basic reading skills, but also helps the student work on building better sentences, and focuses more on reading comprehension skills. Challenger Books have a Writing Book for each level.  Learners move at their own rate and have individual attention throughout the tutoring process and advance to paragraphs and essays.

English Grammar, Literature, and Writing Tutoring
English As a Second Language Tutoring

Basic Math Skills Tutoring

English As a Second Language Tutoring

We offer one on one tutoring or family/friends small group tutoring of 3 or less people to improve language listening, conversation, reading, and writing skills.  The Laubach Way to English and Challenger Reading programs are the programs that are used to help our Learners.  We also offer a variety of other ESL learning materials.  Step Forward Books are used for learning English conversation, along with English phrase books.

Our newest set of books are the English, No Problem books.  There are Citizenship: Passing the Test materials to help Learners practice for the Citizenship Test. Students are also encouraged to share their questions concerning obstacles they have experienced in their daily life due to English difficulties. Possible solutions can be discussed, such as reading the menu or talking to the doctor.


Basic Math Skills Tutoring

Students can study all levels of Math, beginning with understanding number concepts, counting, addition, subtraction, fractions, and up through geometry.  Students are given a short assessment to help find the starting level that is best for them. Breakthrough to Math is the series of books that we use to tutor students  starting at their level. Many people need math for work or to take a test for work promotions. HiSet students often ask for addtional help in math. Math in every day life, such as visiting the store or managing personal finances is very important.

Special Reading Tutoring

Special Reading Tutoring


Adults who have had reading difficulties in the past will have the opportunity to study new ways to learn to read and write.  Some of our tutors have chosen to study the skills in the Barton Reading and Spelling Program and can provide assistance with reading difficulties.

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