LEARN TO READ and  WRITE, improve skills in BASIC MATH, learn basic computer use skills, and improve ESL skills.

JCALP offers free, certified tutors in confidential settings. We will work with learners at any skill level to help them reach their literacy goals.


Along with adult literacy, we also have an ESL (English as a Second Language) program.  

HiSET Test Prep /State Fair Community College

• Reading Comprehension, Grammar

• Mathematics

• Science

• Social Studies


There is an HSE/AEL center in Warrensburg where students who are preparing to take their HSE can take a pretest. Although the center will help students prepare in group settings, students who wish to work privately with tutors are referred to us. When they complete their work with us, they are ready for the GED/HSE.  Go on line to apply at State Fair Community College.

JCALP tutors can help learners as they work with the  HSE/AEL Center.

• Writing skills

• Grammar

• Vocabulary

• Critical Reading


Our basic literacy program is reading and writing, (K-4) using the Laubach series.  Once our students are through this first set of books, we offer a more comprehensive program called Challenger (2-8) that continues with basic reading skills, but also helps the student work on building better sentences, and focuses more on reading comprehension skills.

English Grammar, Literature, and Writing
English Language Learners (ELL)
Computer and Financial Literacy

• TOEFL Test Prep

• English Cafe (conversational English)

• Writing papers in English

• Translating job skills into English


There are two parts to our ELL program.  We have an English Café where we serve coffee, cookies and conversation to non-native English speakers. This is a group setting in which our focus is to engage the students in everyday conversational skills.  We also offer one-on-one tutoring, which teaches reading, writing, and basic math skills. Additionally, we have a citizenship curriculum to help students become American citizens!


• Basic math

• Money 101

• Financial literacy

• Balancing a checkbook


Would you like a tutorial in navigating basic computer functions, or a course on sharing information online? Now more than ever, digital literacy is an important skill for everyone.


Financial literacy help is offered through FDIC's Money Smart program, which gives lessons on money basics like banking, saving, using credit, applying for loans, financial security, and more.

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